Thanks for stopping by, I’m Scott and I like a parkrun. As of July 2018, I’ve completed the 39 existing Scottish parkruns and hope to continue to visit and complete new courses as and when they appear.

For a number of years, I’ve also enjoyed being a tourist when life and times have taken me (for now) to various corners of the U.K. The blog was partly inspired by Geoff Marshall’s incredibly useful London courses guide and from a desire to keep a log of sorts. In doing so if I can offer any insight and advice to fellow tourists or anyone curious about a particular course then I’m more than happy to help.

Geographically Scotland is one of the more interesting regions to complete, but it has offered me the chance to see bits of the country I probably wouldn’t have otherwise. In doing so it’s often been a case of making the trip about far more than just the parkrun and seeing/experiencing what the country has to offer. Definitely looking forward to seeing and experiencing wherever it takes me next.

See you on Saturday, 09:30.